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Projects Overview
The summary information of all projects is in just one table. The most important Ranking data (comparison of dates) and Analytics data (comparison of periods) are displayed. Additional parameters: Domain addition/expiration date, main page screenshot are represented. Data export in the Excel format is also available.
Combine the features of sorting and filtration
The main principle of multi-filtration lies in combining of the different kinds of filtering and sorting. You can use this possibility to display the data that you exactly need.
Group your keywords
All keywords can be grouped by the specific labels (tags). The system can generate them automatically or you can add them manually. It is possible to edit the keyword tags at any time. These tags will help you to filter the data in the tables.
Sort the data by any column
You can sort the data of any table column in ascending or descending order.
Smart Filters
The filter allows you to set the displaying of values in column according to your wish. For example, "Less than" or "Does not equal" and so on.
Keyword filter
Display only the selected segments. For example, if you face the task to view a website's ranking in the selected semantic group, just use filtration in the keywords column.
Selection of columns
The "Column chooser" button gives you a possibility to add or remove the selected columns from the table. Please note, when you export the data, only visible columns will be downloaded.