Notification Manager
Notification Manager is designed to create triggers and receive notifications when they fire. The system of setting a rule is very flexible which guarantees getting the most accurate results.
Quick creation of a trigger
The process of creating a trigger rule is very fast and intuitive. It will take only few minutes to pick the parameters and their criteria that fit your demands in the best way.
Receive notification on the selected time
We provide you with an ability to set the exact time when you want to be notified on the data changes. You can pick 00:00 to receive a notification straight after your trigger has fired.
Flexible settings
You are able to create the most accurate rule for your future notification thanks to exceedingly flexible system of settings. We’ve picked all valuable parameters and broke them up into detailed criteria for your convenience.
Add a recipient
You can add any email you want to send notification to. For instance, it can be your clients or staff whom you want to provide with the freshest data on the certain project.