Report Center
Reports Center is designed in a way to help you with reporting as much as possible and to avoid the troubles it can cause while working with clients.
Data selection
Choose the exact type of data for which you want to receive the report. Receiving of all data types in one report is also possible.
Immediate report generation
Any report can be generated, downloaded or sent to the specified email on-demand anytime. Also, you can choose a format you want a report to be received in (Excel or PDF).
Customized report creation
Beside the system default reports you have a possibility to create your own kind of report and set it in a way which is the most comfortable for you.
Report periodicity selection
The flexibility of reporting system allows to set any desired period of reports receiving. You can select dates, days of a week or receive reports on daily basis. Such approach makes it possible to compare data of two periods that have different length (f.e., 3 days vs a week).
Attach the details
When creating a report you can attach the detailed information which is a downloadable file in the Excel or PDF format. You will receive it to your inbox along with the main report.