Connection to Google Analytics
The analytics data is imported from the well-known and trusted Google service.
Connect your Google Analytics account
The analytics data data will be imported straight to your account. In addition we provide understandable interface and useful multi-filtration.
All the data in Real Time
Thanks to connection to Google Analytics all the information about your project goes directly to the Analytics product and the real time data is displayed.
Visits, pageviews, goals and e-commerce by date
The chart shows you the information by each day for the selected period. When you hover a mouse at any point of the chart, the quantitative value is displayed.
Track your audience
The diagrams and the tables represent the data by:
Countries and cities, Browsers, Operating systems, Screen resolutions, Devices, Device systems.
Define your traffic sources
All information about traffic sources is provided. Besides, there are no limits on the shown results, you get ALL data on traffic sources that are in your Google Analytics account. The data divided into three parts:
  • Channel & Sources
  • Top 1000 organic traffic keywords
  • Top 1000 paid traffic keywords
Each part is represented in the table. It displays the information about visits, pageviews, goals and bounce rate.
The content quality research
These data show the strongest pages across the following parameters:
  • Pageviews
  • Average time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • Page values
Goals & E-commerce overview
    The tables represent:
  • Top-10 goal sources
  • Top 100 Goal Completion Location
  • Top 10 Revenue Sources
  • Top 100 Products
Each table contains the values of the most important parameters.
Data export
You can download the data in the Excel or PDF format. Besides that, you have an opportunity to exclude some information from including to the report by removing the selected columns from the table.