Brand Monitor
Track your Brand citations all over the Internet
Crawling the whole Internet
Brand Monitor checks the references to your brand everywhere: Web, blogs, news, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
Permanent scanning
Crawling the Web for the brand mentions and citations 24/7/365. Just click “Update data” button and get the freshest information.
Ability to set up custom keywords for scanning
By default, we are scanning your brand for two keywords. If your domain is: we will scan the Web for keywords: “example” and “”. You can add one additional keyword for the scan or change any of the existing.
Link checker
Our crawlers scan referencing URLs with a mention or citation and check HTML-code for <a href=""></a> to your website. You can easily gain new backlinks from URLs where your brand is mentioned, but don’t have active hyperlinks.
Source domain traffic
We show an estimated traffic value and countries which bring the biggest amount of it to domain where your brand is mentioned. Data is imported from SimilarWeb.
Global Rank
The parameter reflects global traffic score of referring domain according to the amount of traffic that it gets monthly. The data is imported from SimilarWeb.
Dynamics of brand mentions
Track all changes that took place over the selected period of time. You can also turn on/off specific types of sources, for example, you can view only Twitter and Facebook dynamics on the graph.