The Competitors Inspector product provides an information on your direct competitors' activity, allows you to define their strong and weak points so you can use the data to your advantage.
Choose the competitors for tracking
Our service defines your competitors by default. The data is based on the highest visibility of keywords that you added to the project. Nevertheless, you can manually add or remove the desired competitor from the list.
Traffic details
Keep an eye on amount of traffic that your competitors get. The information is divided by types of source: organic, paid, social and referral visits. Plus, the top 5 countries that bring them the biggest quantity of visitors and delta (difference between current and previous month) are shown.
Rankings details
View the ingress level of the keywords that you have in your project into competitors' top-10 (3,1) for the chosen search engine. It means that you can see the exact number of keywords which your competitor has on the TOP positions. Also, the Average position for all search queries that are in the TOP10 is displayed.
Visibility overview
Here you can view SVV (Search Visibility value) and ETV (Estimated Traffic value) for each domain of your competitors and compare the information with your own website data.
Comparative charts
The charts allow you to compare your site's data with competitors' ones at a glance. With the help of enable/disable function under every chart you can hide the information you don't want to see.
Keywords Intersections
The Keywords section shows comparison of your keywords positions with your competitors' ones. The highest position is blue-colored. The ETV and Search volume parameters for each keyword are also displayed.